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Posted: September 26th, 2013, 6:58 am
by Mike
To join us for the meeting you can either join our #Sandbox irc channel or click the link below. The meeting will be on Saturday 9/28 at 12pm aka NOON EST.

What are going to be discussing is the future direction of Sandbox.


Currently the plan is to launch a Kickstarter to help create a commercial version of Sandbox and also put it on Steam Greenlight. The commercial edition actually uses a whole new graphic engine and the old graphic engine version will still be completely free. The main reason for a commercial edition is so that I can pay coders and content creators to take Sandbox to the next level.

I've made a list of ideas for us to consider, a lot taken from the Wish List thread and if you think I missed any good ideas or want to add some more then please respond to this post! I'd also like to setup a committee or group to meet up with me for more meetings and help me make sure that SB is moving along in the best direction it can! Thank you for your time and interest!

Features To Provided From Kickstarter $
- Adjustable Camera Angles to create sidescrollers, isolemtic games, etc (example code is in the sidescroller)
- Merge gamemodes such as vehicle and sidescroller into the FPS (I think better than the RPG because of MP possibilities), maybe even the RPG or an RPG into the FPS as a game mode? Weapons moved to scripts?
- Upstream (model collisions, etc)
- Improved AI

Occulus Rift
Hide & Seek Mode
Train entity
Easier model integration
Minecraft Mode (random map gen, adding blocks and deforming blocks with tools)
Bullet Physics
Improve Particle Editor (I believe hirato has a version of a new particle editor somewhere). Make it easy to add weather effects like rain and slow (triggerable?)
Improve UI (Widgets)? Also how dialogue appears on screen needs to be improved
Mac Build
Triggers (once, multiple)
Eaiser to blend and paint textures
Race Mode (combine into FPS to make Twisted Metal Mode?)
* Competitive contests
* Paid contests (mapping, content)
* Social Site
* Tutorial writers and video creators
* Billboarding graphical effect
* Create more default foliage texture sets


Posted: September 26th, 2013, 5:13 pm
by personman61
"Minecraft Mode" sounds cool, but should be called something different. My ideas are "Blocks Mode", "Explore Mode", or anything that you can't get sued for. Also, i would love to open maps in all games from one big game mode.


Posted: September 26th, 2013, 10:44 pm
by jakedude435
I agree with personman61. I'm not good with names though, so I'll +1 the "Explore Mode" name

As for the foliage, if this is even possible, it may be an interesting idea to add Speed Tree to the consideration list (may have to be provided via kickstarter funds, and/or an increased price in steam store)
Seeing as speed tree is noted in many AAA titles like Saints Row 4 and Battlefield 3, it would be a selling point for the editor to have it built-in.

And "Twisted Metal Mode," brilliant.

Also, thanks for making the web link to the IRC chat for those of us who don't understand the download versions.


Posted: September 27th, 2013, 7:09 am
by Clownfish
Hello Mike! This is clownfish (aka Brian) from Steam and Minecraft (CFEW). I will plan joining the meeting at 12noon for at least an hour maybe two. All of the ideas are great. Some of the ideas that are really catching my eye are "hide & seek mode", "train entity", "random map gen", "ladders", "triggers", "tutorial and video creators", "create more default foliage texture sets". A HUGE Thank You mike and all who have contributed to Sandbox up to today! Have a nice Friday! -Clownfish ^_^


Posted: September 27th, 2013, 8:35 am
by Torben
Hello Mike,

the ideas about the 'in view" implementations sound wonderful.

-About an easier way to blend and paint textures, it would be
nice if not only ground sections could have blended parts, also walls.

- 3D grass-mode hanging from the ceiling would be great... :)

I have one question about the commercial edition:
Is it the current version Lamiae we use for Kelgar ?

On Saturday I have no time, but if you are looking for video/tutorial makers, please let me know.

bR Torben


Posted: September 27th, 2013, 2:50 pm
by Mike
Thanks Jake for the heads up on Speedtree, I'm checking it out! No problem about the weblink, the easier for us to all communicate the better!

Thanks Clownfish for your feedback on the ideas you like, nice to know what ideas excite people :)

Torben what do you mean b "in view"? And no it isn't use Lamiae though it may in the near future. It's basically if we want to merge it into the main branch though I'm really pulling towards wanting all the game modes to be a part of one codebase instead of several. I'm sure we could use video tutorial creators so keep in touch, you can e-mail me at too though if we raise the money I'll certainly be sending out about it too.

Take care!


Posted: September 28th, 2013, 11:40 am
by jSoftApps
Well, again, here's all I'm asking for that isn't on that list
A mesh LOD system
Render Effects (Depth of Field, color grading, .etc)
The ability to work with other programming languages (C#, javascript, .etc)


Posted: September 28th, 2013, 4:13 pm
by Mike
Added the meeting chatlog in the top post :)


Posted: September 29th, 2013, 5:15 pm
by Mr. Brightside
I know it's late but... 'Twould be cool if you upgrade the KRS mode, changing the "hard-physics" to "soft-physics" models, with moving parts, etc. Just like Rigs of Rods (vehicle simulator). It also would be nice to add some melee weapons, those can be excellent for "Samurai Quest" games or such. It can be very funny to make rivers come to the scene, those are just great for 4x4 offroading games, it's direction-set moving water basically.


Posted: September 29th, 2013, 7:19 pm
by chocolatepie33
Hey guys. Been checking in every other day, not really posting, but I'm still here. Don't worry. Glad to see everything's picking up.

Having read most of the chatlog, I'd like to point out that a few of the smaller things being asked for are implemented and used in the sister Cube 2 project "Red Eclipse." With this in mind, maybe our coders could take a look at their work, so they aren't losing time working on things that I've seen can be done. These include:

-Weapon Scripting: RE as a whole is quite moddable, but for weapons, all weapons have variables (e.g. ammo, color, etc) that are controllable via scripts.
-Start/Finish lines: look into the time-trial mode of RE.
-Melee weaponry: you can use a sword to fight. It's a good example to start off of.
-sphere physics: Sauerbraten actually had the grenade bouncing, but RE also has a "bomber-ball" mode (kind of like rugby) that allows you to throw the bomb-ball with nice bounce effects. Not sure how that would integrate with bullet, though.
-Parkour: I read "jump/double jump" a couple of times, RE's biggest difference from the rest of the Cube 2 family is parkour tricks.
-"calimer: that's interesting, so people could talk to us while they are mapping?" - I believe some RE servers are connected to their IRC channels. Not entirely sure, though.
-"Kid_Matthew: Basic character model, with stuff to make you stand apart, hats or cloths n stuff" - We already had "attachments" going in previous versions, but recently RE has "vanity" models in that same vein, and they work well.
-Ladders: RE has a ladder material, although it's generally ignored, with mappers preferring jumppads to keep the flow and gameplay fast.

Other thoughts:
-I like the idea of a master mode with camera control (esp. in the case of side-scrollers), but maybe you could retain "templates" that set up stuff like that?
-Terrain gen: sounds nice, although depending on the gridsize/level of detail aspect of that, it could be overly intensive (esp. with the new engine).
-"ZKAT8IT: yea, i had plans for rain/snow/etc.. not sure how id do high winds" - temporary movespeed changes? (e.g. faster w/ wind, slower against)

As for advertising, I think we're kind of in a rut - we need advertising to bring in revenue to upgrade Sandbox, but we need to focus on advertising the fun and new features (that aren't yet) implemented.