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Commercial Sandbox Features List (WIP)

This section is for people interested in advancing Sandbox to be the best it can be.
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Commercial Sandbox Features List (WIP)

Post by Mike »

Wishlist for the commercial version of Sandbox that I have written so far. Please feel free to add to it if I missed something:

Main Features:
- Camera adjustment
- Merging everything into one moddable codebase (Weapons, and maybe even movement moved to script files)
- GUI Updates - More professional looking, widgets, easier to create dialogue and quests, improve movie recording
- Updated Particle System (like Unreals?), improved weather system
- Train-path entities and camera linkable to it
- Triggers - (once, multiple, what else?)
- Improved AI
- Multiple grass heights (better foliage system)
- Easily set up to create in "game" format vs editing format so people can't edit/change the game (easily remove edit mode, set up launcher to go into the game, even just good instructions would help)
- Ladders
- Better model collisions

Possible Mode Features:
- Racemode
- Hide and Seek
- "Minecraft Mode" - Digging and building, random terrain generator
- Doublejump/wall jump? (this would be probably a part of the scriptable movement options)
- Customizable waves for wavemode /dmsp

- Client syncing for coop edit (all textures and models)
- Server admin tools (permissions, editing boundaries)
- Make goto more noticable and perhaps set a "home" waypoint to tele
- Forced getmap/sendmap/serverside? - heightmap vslot

Other Potential Features:
- Physics - Probably Bullet
- God rays
- CSG, destructible blocks/environments
- Better Shader Support
- Script Based Moving Entities
- Overwolf (teamspeak widgets)
- Improved mumble support
- More crossplatform? PSP, android, iphone/ipad, etc,
- Packaged .exe?
- Social Media screenshot options? Posts to Site?
- Mods folder?
- Mesh based LOD, http://www.unrealengine.com/en/features ... e_shaders/ (and shader editor) and image effects (depth of field)
- Speed tree (or free version http://www.frecle.net/?show=treed.about ),
- .fbx support
- Organize your texture in a different order on a menu and not have it affect the menu, say a section for terrain/dirt and then tile, walls, bricks, roofs, i think that would be a good idea (maybe a customized and savable widget?), And a octrabrush menu
- vcommand editor??
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Re: Commercial Sandbox Features List (WIP)

Post by stefos »

All the following points should be implemented into the game editor if possible. (these are my views on what would make SB easier to use and a more professional look, you may not agree)

1) Well one of the strong points of SB is the fact you can edit the game while in the game, so the game creator can actually see live the changes he or she makes. One of the most difficult areas in game creation in SandBox is the importing textured models which have more than one mesh, most game engine editors now make it easy to import models from within the game editor and some will skin the models. Using a file format like FBX which embeds the texture would also be of great advancement for the engine. I think we should be looking at making the game editor the place in which ALL the areas of the game creation can take place which also would include full model manipulation and importation.
2) Changing texture sizes on cubes within the editor, also importing of textures from within the game editor
3) Video layer - importing of video with transparency
4) HUD editor - Everything from the game loading screen to the game HUD itself
5) Physics implementation - allow the user to add physics to a model and edit the weight within the editor - why create a 3d animated rolling boulder model when you can have physics do it for you. Adding physics to an area would also be good...example adding lighter weight physics for a space scene or water area and all objects which are physics enabled would float.
6) Character model AI manipulation and settings. This would have all the settings for the character AI including follow path, follow player, enemy, friend, passive, equipment (weapons, medical) + + + + + +
7) Remove and re-skin the game editor and menus to look more professional no fancy icons or colours just plain with drop-downs and sliders and text and number input. All main menus should be to one side and each section to be selected from tabs...character tab, model tab, texture tab, maybe even a windows style file menu at the top for saving and exporting, help, about and website tabs ?
8) Code editor built into the main game editor for advanced users ?
9) Better collision detection (so player can enter into a model of a building or vehicle, whether physics enabled or not )
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Re: Commercial Sandbox Features List (WIP)

Post by corz4444 »

Awesome!! I've been using it alot lately and have found importing models and textures a big problem so here's my wishlist:
1.) Easier model/texture/music importing system
2.) An improved way of blend mapping
3.) Better vehicle physics
4.) Advanced A.I with with path settings etc...
5.) A simple/easy to use HUD editor from everything to loading screens and menus etc....(Sort of like C# form creation)
6.) All round better weapon physics
7.) And lastly, An In-Engine model creation/modifying program where you could create your own character and enemy models sort of in a simsesque way. This would be awesome and make this the best game engine ever!! I look forward to the future of platinum arts and seeing it become a well respected tool for indie game development....Let's do this!!
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