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How To Set The Master Server in Platinum Arts Sandbox

Posted: January 21st, 2014, 7:57 am
by lol7344
Hello everyone, i'm new. i would like to make an introduction: sorry if i write bad English, but i'm Italian.
i would ask if i can set my master server in Platinum Arts Sandbox: i have a computer that i no longer use for a long time, and i would use it for the master server. I do not need a guide on how to create a master server, but a guide on how to set the Master Server in Platinum Arts Sandbox.
I saw that Sauerbraten was created with Platinum Arts Sandbox, and has a master server.
and then... how can i add a server to the master server? Like when i click on "update from master server" and are written all servers available for that game.
I hope i explained myself.
ah, and sorry if i'm wrong section, but i'm new and i have yet to get my bearings.
Goodbye, lol7344.