2019 Gaming Goals and Resolutions

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2019 Gaming Goals and Resolutions

Postby Rosejohnson » January 11th, 2019, 7:52 am

It is that time of the year! We only have a few short days left in 2018 and then it is time for 2019. So, let us start thinking about Gaming Goals or Resolutions in 2019.

They can be anything from more broad to more specific. Do you want to play more games? Buy less games? Yep, that could be a good resolution.

Or, maybe you want to beat some specific games? That works for a great gaming goal.

For me, I hope for 2019 to bring about some changes. I have lived in my apartment for close to 9 years and it is time for me to move out. I want more space and I want to be able to have a legitimate house. So, obviously, I will be torn away from gaming for some of the year. Then, when I get the house, I will have an urge to buy all sorts of games.

So, my main goal this year is to end 2019 on a Positive Note on my Backlog. I just want to beat more games https://mafagames.org/ that I bought. Like last year, I have specific goals for each console and so I will post them here and keep track of them throughout the year.

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