Some New Recommended Features

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Some New Recommended Features

Postby ellingtondistrict » May 2nd, 2011, 2:36 pm

PASB needs a few new features that would make it a lot better, i will list some of the big ones below

~ Game Physics ~

- Trigger block area's, it should be possible for a certain area of selected blocks to be altered and changed by a trigger and if they where like a dam, the water or lava behind them would drain and move to lower ground
- water and lava blocks should be able to be affected by triggers
- water and lava should have more realistic physics such as if a wall is destroyed by a trigger and there is water behind it, the water would drain out and move to a different lower area
- a area of water or lava should be able to programmed so that when a trigger happens, it could be drained during game play, such as if you flip a lever and it opens a drain in the bottom of a pool and all the water or lava in that pool drains out.

~ Some recommended entity's and option menu's ~

- A camera entity in the regular non side scrolling mode that would follow you were ever you went from one location such as in a sidescroller or the view that you see in the over world in NSMBWii and SMW.
- A Option menu that could allow you to configure in what directions your character could move, such as it would be used to create a regular two way sidescroller, or a quad directional sidescroller like Sega's "Bug!" and it would allow to define if your character could rotate around with the mouse.

~ Level Completion triggers and Events ~

- sandbox should have special triggers that could trigger level events (such as new paths appearing in the over world of NSMBWii when levels are completed) when levels are completed
- level completion triggers would be for trigger activated block area's that would change or move when a trigger happens (like a level completion trigger) (like making event triggered paths appear on a central hub overworld where a character could move around and follow paths like in super Mario world to levels)

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Re: Some New Recommended Features

Postby Kooldoode » July 21st, 2011, 2:23 am

I agree, but maybe not just block triggers, have switches and have thins like lamps, elevators, and other stuff have tags that correspond with the switch.
I definatly agree with the water/lava physics, create a volcanoe, be able to create streams and flowing rivers, working boats would be cool too, but thats kinda in the vehicles catagory.
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