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Re: workstation broke ^#$%$#^%!!!!!

Posted: November 17th, 2011, 5:42 pm
by Captain_Ahab
I'm back again
Janey and I got hitched at 11:02, 11-11-2011 ( cool palindrome, eh?...and the time is official! Janey's uncle performed the marriage and thought it fun to let us have it at the exact time ) ... 2647_n.jpg
My new wife will arrive tomorrow after finishing her packing and stuff.. ( she's in the air over the Pacific as I write this... I'm just wow right now )
And my new workstation came in too! ( not as good as my wife, but still nice )
edit: just ordered 2 gtx460 based cards ...SLI , baby!

so after getting some video power cards, etc., I'll be back in the game again
and I'll work with Nekia to get her textures cleaned up for the game.
I'll see about nudging her to give it a cc-by-sa license, but its her call after all.