(NEW) The Adventures Of NotaPig

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(NEW) The Adventures Of NotaPig

Postby BlackGulf » December 29th, 2011, 11:03 pm


The Adventures of NotaPig.
A Kid Friendly First Person Adventure RPG,

A pig by the name of Faontus (fohn-tus) has a secret, He is a super pig by the alias of "NotaPig" (NOT-A-Pig). He runs around finding apples to feed to the village of Pigamiene. Because the Green Giant took their fruit and left them with frozen peas. Will the hero NotaPig save Pigamiene from the frozen peas or will they suffer by eating them.

A New FPS Mode RPG by K9G.

Current Project
The Adventures Of NotaPig

Models Image
Maps Image
Coding Image
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Music and SFX Image

In Need Of Staff.

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