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Music Packs

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Re: Music Packs

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I've been using XP with hardly any security issues, even when running a public server which had hundreds of visitors a day. I'm very smart when it comes to downloading and know when somethings "to good to be true" I've even pirated hundreds of songs without getting a single virus! IN YOUR FACE LIMEWIRE! I should be getting the machine today and the anticipation is killing me. The machine doesn't even come with an OS, and since it has 8GB of RAM, I have to kick it up a notch and use Windows 7 64-bit, which I assume is going to be foreign to me. I haven't had to deal with a new OS since Windows 98!
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Re: Music Packs

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Never said that XP was secure, but I do agree it is somewhat unstable. Compared to most of the Windows OS, I prefered XP. For the last year I have been running with Ubuntu Linux. Easiest to install. Easy to use. And one of the main reasons I moved away from Windows, Not effected by trojans, virus or spyware. I still use anti-virus, because of the possibility of passing bugs to other pc's.


I used to run an AMD64 pc at one stage, but stuck with a 32bit Operating System. I found that there were not many applications that would make full use of the 64bit CPU. Finding drivers for a 64bit OS was a bit tricky. However, that may have improved. As I use Linux, I have not had anything to do with Windows 7. But I have heard good reports. Which ever system you decide to go with, I think you find it to be far better than Windows 98.

Enjoy the experience.



PS: Hmmm. I think we may be getting a bit off topic. I believe it was something to do with Music Packs, was it not?
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