About donating 3D art

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About donating 3D art

Postby StormKat2035 » September 26th, 2013, 12:01 pm

Hello, I noticed the Platinum Arts Sandbox company has a low budget and I would love to donate my 3D art to this website.

If the company wishes to hire me, you may do so and I charge cheap, if you want my art for free then that's fine as well.

This company has potential and I would love to help a company grow.

My only concern is my love for 3D art and wish to usher in a new era with everyone.

If anyone has the skills in Blender or 3ds Max and wish to perfect my work you may do so. Just make sure to credit me.

I uploaded my example in the Forum Introduction thread. I have some more to show and if you all wish I will upload them.

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