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any news on steam version

Posted: July 13th, 2014, 2:37 pm
by seppgirty
just wondering how the steam version is coming along? There has been no chatter about this for over a month. are there still plans to do this? Just throw us a crumb of information. :D

Re: any news on steam version

Posted: July 17th, 2014, 12:16 am
by Mike
We have been a bit mum because we want to get the script side part done right before things move forward. That's really just something that needs to be set because if we try to change it in the future it will really screw everything up for people. So also I really don't want to say something and then have to go back on it because we found out it didn't work out. Once we get that hurdle set though I should be updating every week :)