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concept for a new game

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Name: grant

concept for a new game

Post by grantus »

there are plenty of game out there you may tell me about and probably ive played them all one time or another.

My concept for an idea on a game begins from my time playing d@d dungoens and dragons to those folk who are not sure what i mean in the late 70s. Now the game itself is not rpg as such as recently i finished a game called "in the blue" hich is a survival game also stranded 2. I also build in secondlife so familar with building . neverwinters nights for mapmaking we had a scripter compile the script for the mods.

My concept will be familar but differant in many ways although my programming is rather lets say rubbish may need help on that side of things. It begins with a you the player on the world. You will be the lord and master of the land you start at until your removed by your demise.

Now the concept is you have the normal rpg stats.Eg. Strengh, Dexterity, Wisdom, Inteligence, health points,mana points, stamina, charisma, at the start you have 20 points to place into these atributes. each starts at 1 as 0 does not exsist physically on a person hp 1= 10 hp mana begins with 0 and your unable to add to that at start of game.

you then have skills used throughout the game. eg woodcutter, miner, builder, politician, farmer,soldier,academic,
each of those having 6-10 subsidary skills

opps forgot to mention so sorry for edit

the idea behind the game is to teach children how things were built from the early times and how things work etc in a fun way the game does not need soldiers etc
all begin with level 0 which you build up over time by doing and learning,

Now with these skills when you learn to build a wood cutters hut your woodcutters will be the level of your woodcutting skill so are only able to cut trees set at that level and not higher than.

the concept as your the lord you can fight alongside your soldiers or go cutting wood along your woodcutter or remain at home safish in your castle as your send your soldiers of to war,
this is the basics of my idea thus far as many things running through my head on how to expand possible make it multiplayer although that would not work unless you begins at same time in the revalotion of life.
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Re: concept for a new game

Post by Mike »

Hmm seems interesting. I'll be interested to see how this concept progresses. Perhaps the new RPG code would be a good base. I like the idea of focusing on the creation of things, not just the fighting. Perhaps it would be interesting to teach the kids how to plan a house and stuff and then actually go and make it, and maybe you could even create a whole town including walls and such. In this one game wurm online this guy made a really cool village in the mountains and I helped him out with it as his apprentice, haha. I was this magical follow of nature dude and one of my powers was I could plant trees all over the place, haha. I never thought I'd have so much fun planting trees but they started as little seedlings and over time you see them getting bigger and bigger. Cool stuff!!! Take care.
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