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Any Custom Sandbox Mapping Sites?

Posted: November 28th, 2012, 5:17 pm
by DreamBliss
Years ago I used to play with Unreal Tournament and go to mapping sites to get maps for that game that I could study. This was fairly easy to do, just look up Unreal Tournament or UnrealED.

But how am I to Google this for Sandbox? Because there's the Halo Editor Sandbox, Something about Call of Duty, and Far Cry! All have Sandbox as their editor. I know Sandbox is based off of Cube 2, but will it load all Cube 2 maps or will there be issues? If it will work with Cube 2 maps I could just download those.

But if there are any Sandbox specific mapping sites hosting maps, textures, scripts, etc., could you post a link? I have browsed around this site and forums looking for such a resource but I haven't found it yet.

- DreamBliss

Re: Any Custom Sandbox Mapping Sites?

Posted: November 29th, 2012, 1:10 pm
by kddekadenz
You can load Sauerbraten maps into PAS without any problems, but wrong textures (since PAS has other standard ones).
kid matthew wrote:To take PAS maps into Sauerbraten type /exportocta NAME Then go into your mystuff folder and copy the new map and put into sauerbraten's map folder.

There are not any PAS specific mapping sites, but there are some maps avaible in the forums. On Quadropolis you can found Sauerbraten related stuff:
You can find documentation either in the PAS wiki, or the Sauerbraten documentation:

Re: Any Custom Sandbox Mapping Sites?

Posted: December 3rd, 2012, 8:46 am
by DreamBliss
OK thanks!
- DreamBliss