Fixing t-joints = CRASH!

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Fixing t-joints = CRASH!

Postby coopziana » February 21st, 2013, 8:46 am


Wasn't really sure where to post this question as I can't seem to find a bug report, so as I'm using RPG mode I though I should put it here:

Now the issue is that my map is 16x16 (largest you can get) and I was planning on making a 1-map game. I've hit a technical snag as my save progress has to be more frequent as the client gets to "fixing t-joins..." and slows right down. I've found is i save often the game saves ok without any crash... However the client did crash while i was in edit mode and now when i try to reload my game it gets to around 70% of "Fixing t-joins" and crashes with a C++ error.

Now initially i know what you are going to say "Make a smaller map" however, I feel that as the option allows for a 16x16 map then the client should be able to support it. I will also add that all I'm doing at the moment is creating roads, which is literally textures on the ground at default height, so I'm not making any complex shapes or having several grid sizes. (I try to stick to grid size 3 anyway). At the moment all I'm doing is using a texture to go from one side of the map to the other. I have been doing it in small steps and saving in between. However it's always the same when it comes to "Fixing t-joins".

So my question is: Is there any way that I can dedicate more memory to the client so that it can handle such "t-joint fixes", or is there a way that I can temporarily disable the "fixing t-joint" on map/game load so that I can at least get back into my game. I know there is also the option of simply rolling back my ogz from one of the BAK files (my_stuff > packages > base > rpg - for anyone who doesn't know where your map data is saved), however I feel that rolling back will only take me back to a point before the T-joints start causing an issue and I will eventually come up against the issue again.

For now I will roll back and do less (copy / paste) and do manually select and use the texture to save on memory... But ideally I would like a way to dedicate more memory to the client.

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Re: Fixing t-joints = CRASH!

Postby Hirato » February 21st, 2013, 9:35 am

backtrace please

And you can use /filltjoints 0 to turn it off.
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