the time to archive them/upload them elsewhere.

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the time to archive them/upload them elsewhere.

Postby stevenshaw » April 10th, 2019, 12:40 am

For those who don't know, Sandbox, or what was originally the main site, was a web portal launched in 2007 that developers using the GameMaker engine could use to upload their games and interact with the community. Since the announcement of the GameMaker: Player, a client akin to Steam, YYG has not touched their original site much (having been moved to the sub-domain some years back). And now, they've finally sentenced it to death officially. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

A lot of sweet memories that I think some of us will share. It would be a shame if that *censored* GameMaker game you made when you were like 12 was to be lost forever, so I hope I can advertise to folk that the end is nigh :(

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