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Removing edit mode?

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Ghostman Gaming
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Removing edit mode?

Post by Ghostman Gaming »

For my final version of my game i want to remove access to edit mode so if the player pushed F1 in RPG it wouldn't do anything.
i also wish to remove the toggle edit mode button on the main menu.

I am also interested in taking the multiplayer button on the main menu and changing it to store then i want it to link up to my website by launching the default web browser.
How would i do any of these things with out messing up the engine? any help is appreciated thanks.:lol:
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Re: Removing edit mode?

Post by kddekadenz »

I think I can partly help you.

The keybinds are setted in data/defaults.cfg.
Simply navigate to the line:

Code: Select all

bind F1 [ edittoggle ]
and comment it out with //.

The menus you can find in data/menus.cfg

navigate to the line

Code: Select all

guibutton "Editing GUI"	"showgui editing"
and comment it out.

Dunno if PAS does support linking stuff in menus.
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