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trying to get multiplayer to work

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trying to get multiplayer to work

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so i have been having problems trying to get multiplayer to work in sandbox

i followed the instructions and set up my hamachi network. Then friend joins network,but here is where i am confused

"Now the person who is going to host it has to run server.bat and give your friend the IP that's under your name name in big letters."

http://www.sandboxgamemaker.com/wiki/in ... _Editing_2

ok so i run server.bat but the IP, is that the number above my name in the hamachi window? I tried using it but when the other person uses my ip to connect it doesnt connect to the map instead he connects to a blank map

anyone who know how to resolve this problem

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Re: trying to get multiplayer to work

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I had this problem to when you and your friend are connected and your friend is on the blank map you type

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and press enter. now after that a message will show up telling your friend a map was sent to them and then have your friend type

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and press enter he will then get your map.