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Some questions for FPS.

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Some questions for FPS.

Post by CatsRMyLife »

I have finally been able to use PAS with the help of a Windows 8 update...
but now that I am able to be productive, I've gathered these questions while experimenting:

1. Is there a straight forward way of creating a executable should I reach my final stages?

2. Is Vehicle Simulator a deprecated module? Why is there a batch file in the PAS directory if I can't even use it by launching it and with little documentation?

3. What software is the best solution to making and compiling Cubescript or whatever language PAS reads for custom skyboxes.

4. Is there a way to add different weapons in FPS?

5. How can I possibly re-position a custom texture so that it is fluent with others?

I believe that most if not some of these questions have been answered before, but having to dig through the forums is a headache for me. If any or all of these are possible ideas for the commercial release of Sandbox, let me know too.
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Wind Astella
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Re: Some questions for FPS.

Post by Wind Astella »

Well there is lot of way to do what you mention. Here is just my personal way of doing thing so far.

1. Just discard what you didn't use and keep the thing that you need. If you did any source edit, compile the executable (personally I use Codeblock with MinGW) and make a new .bat file for easy execution. Keep every asset that you use such as texture, model, music etc and discard the one you doesn't use to reduce the filesize of the game.

2. It is working and a bit underdeveloped but you can access it

3. Personally I use Notepad++ with Cubescript addon https://github.com/srbs/CubeScript-syntax-highlighting for script editing.
There aren't really a need for language to read custom skyboxes. Just place your skybox image in one of these directory (skyboxes/penguins/mayhem/loopix) with their suffix ( _bk,_dn,_ft,_lf,_rt,_up). Such as if the picture is for the back side, the name should be skybox_bk.png and so on.

4. If it is a mod just replace the current guns with yours (http://quadropolis.us/node/4090). If it is adding entirely new weapon, you need to change code and compile it which happen to be too complicated for me as an artist.

5. Find a seamless texture.

Tha's is all what I can think of for now. For more detail just ask specifically the one that need to be detailed.