Several builtin commands, models and textures are broken

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Several builtin commands, models and textures are broken

Postby parzivalwolfram » August 26th, 2019, 12:03 am

As reported by my debug builds (Sandbox 2.8.2, System: Linux Mint, kernel 4.15.0-58-generic, x86_64 i386) the commands "newgui", "setprojdecal", "jumpvelocity", "setgravity", "resetprojs", "addproj", "showgui" (triggered by level_trigger_21, in this case the Pie Salesman from fps/village), alias lookup "main" are all unknown. (Most triggered during play of map "fps/village.ogz". Several commands from ssp/jungle.ohz also don't work.) Several textures also don't load, including but not limited to: "golgotha/water2", "skyboxes/morning", "e8texpack/e8crete03c", "e8texpack/mtlsupport_wrn", "skyboxes/valley", and most other textures from "e8texpack". A few models also do not load, such as "chaze/pad/teledest".

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